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Fr Michael Butler
"Your Purpose"

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Where men gather to support one another in what is most important to each of us.

Meet men who have extensive experience in supporting men in becoming the men they are destined to become.

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Book Study With Fr Stephen

In our weekly gathering of men we are currently discussing this book, Thinking Orthodox.

What does it mean to "think Orthodox"? What are the unspoken and unexplored premises and presumptions underlying what Christians believe? Orthodox Christianity is based on preserving the mind of the early Church, its phronema.Β 

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Akathist to St Paisios

Join us in our weekly akathist to St Paisios.

Send us the names you would like us to include in the prayers.

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We post scholarly articles, videos, audio and much more.  

This is constantly growing.  Check back here for valuable insight into battling the cultural forces that are affecting you and those you care about.

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